• Welcome to 2024 Chengdu International

    Strings- Musical


  • Chengdu,China,

    Aug 10 – Aug 20, 2024


    We are very delighted to present anintensive string’s training and tourist experiences forstudents and professional musicians on August of 2024 in Chengdu. Wewill invite world-celebrated musical masters, teachers, and guestartists for studentsduring the summer curriculum, Students from aroundthe world will getawarm welcome of the City of Chengdu, and a vibrant,exciting, inspiring musicalMaster Class all included. 

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    The 2024 Musical Festival Programis carefully designed for aspiring musicians of all ages, includingyoung professionals, college, pre-college, and younger studentsfrom all the world, and thewill haveopportunities to experience individual lessons, ensemble classes, masterclasses,and workshops. The Festival will culminate in a public gala concert to showcase the achievements of all students.


    We invite you to join us for the wonderfulmusic festival and explore the magic and beauty of music-making process atthe highest level!Students will also have the opportunity toexperience the characters of Chengdu and visit some of Sichuan's mostunique landmarks and attractions.





    08:00 - 09:00

    Registration andWelcome Session


    9:30am – 4:30pm

    Attend class


    12:08 - 12:38

    Charm·Panda Cradle Tour


    12:38 - 13:38

    Cultural Activity Excursion


    12:38 - 13:38

    Leshan Buddha and Mount EmeiTour


    • 2 x half-hour individuallessons
    • Ensemble classes
    • Masterclasses
    • Technique and interpretationworkshops
    • Sightreading techniqueworkshops
    • Distinguished Faculty Concerts Series
    • Performance in gala concert
    • Work with accompanists

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    Students havetheir private lessons and masterclasses with one or more faculty members.

    Students are expected toperform solo in at least one of the student concerts, so all participants will need to prepare two works of no more than 5 minutes each for study during the festival.

    All participants except forpiano students must supply their own instruments.

    In addition to great learning opportunities and intensive work atthe Academy, students are offered unique sightseeing and cultural activity excursion to experience and appreciate rich Chinese culture, history, and traditions.




    All students whohave successfully completed the Academy program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. A Special Certificate of Honor may also be awarded to the most outstanding students of the Academy, as determined by Faculty members and Directors of the Academy.